Кроссворд с ответами на тему здоровье

Кроссворд на тему здоровья

По горизонтали

3. Someone whose job is to examine and treat peoples teeth
6. The instrument often uses in a surgery
10. A long narrow piece of material for tying round the part of the body that has been hurt
13. A shop that sells medicine
14. The symptoms of a cold
15. Illness when you cant sleep well
16. You will go to a dentist when you have … ache
17. Sheet of paper, that doctor gives you,when you ill
20. Another word for tablets
21. … is above wealth
22. To this condition causes severe disease

По вертикали

1. Another word for drugstore
2. To have a heart …
4. What is the English for столовая ложка
5. Another word for illness
7. To pull out a tooth
8. Doctor, who is engaged in the operations of patients
9. Someone who is receiving a medical treatment
11. Disease when you have sore throat for long time
12. Signs of disease
13. The result of a checking up the patient
17. Blood …
18. The condition when your illness get worse
19. What does thermometer measure
20. The regular beating of the heart

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